Thursday, July 12, 2018


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Listen to "Pineapple" the #1 song in Hawaii/Australia at:

Videos at:

"Pineappleman shines, giving off tropical vibes" - John Berger, Honolulu Pulse
"There's a serious musician looming here" - Wayne Harada, Honolulu Advertiser

........ERRBODY READY!!!!!!!!!!!

"Return to Pineapple Beach" Tour continues on Waikiki Beach LIVE
Sept 1- 25, 2018 everyday

"Pineappleman" is an award-winning singer songwriter from Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. He recently returned to pro music after a 15-year hiatus to raise his ohana. He was met with instant success and critical acclaim.  He is also an animal rights activist.

* "Pineapple" #1 Hawaii Top300 Albums 2016/17/18
* Two Time Hawaii Music Awards Winner 
* Multiple Performances CBS/NBC Honolulu Hawaii (8x's)
* Supported Artist KoAloha Ukulele Honolulu Hawaii
* Another Day in Paradise #1 Hawaii Top500 Songs 2015/16/17
* Another Day in Paradise in "Deadly Honeymoon" on Lifetime Movie Network (opening song)
* Shared the Big Stage with The Beach Boys, The Pretenders, Judas Priest, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Hall & Oates, Pablo Cruise, Toto, Rick Springfield, Huey Lewis & the News, Van Halen 
* Previously on Warner Bros. Records
* Wrote "Big Tease" with Jim Messina (released single Warner Bros. Records)
(Henry Kapono appears)
* Past Management with The Beach Boys 
* Santa Barbara Songwriters Showcase Winner
* Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase Winner
* On SHOWTIME for an entire summer
* BA in Film Studies at University of California, Santa Barbara 
* Designed over 200 World Class Surfboards
* Life Coach/Counselor at Waikiki Beach

Hawaii Music Awards Honolulu Hawaii
Waikiki Beach Live Webcasts (89 of them)
CBS/NBC Honolulu Hawaii (8x's)
Gabby Pahinui Waimanalo Kanikapila (multiple times)
Sheraton Waikiki
4th of July Maunalua Bay Hawaii
Santa Barbara Bowl
and about 600 others....

Thursday, July 5, 2018

New Products

We're always trying to come up with new products that are AWESOME! We have a variety of products already, such as guitar skins, amp screens, aquarium backgrounds, board skins, Ouija boards, and laptop skins... but that's not all! We've recently added some more products that just might be perfect for you! Here is a list of our newest available items:

Personalized Pet Placemats - Your dog or cat is more than just a companion, they're your best friend. Give your best friend a personalized placemat for their food and water dishes that captures their personality. Size: 18" wide x 12" tall - Waterproof - Hand Washable. Our beautiful, high resolution designs are printed on high quality vinyl and have a glossy finish. They are then mounted upon a thick, synthetic backing which is durable and lasts for years. 

Arrow Wraps - Specifically designed and sized to be easy to install.  Just peal and roll and you're all done. You can even trim our arrow wraps to a smaller size if desired. Many of our graphics are hand created by our graphic designers.  You won't find these arrow wrap anywhere else!  Make your statement or just go for something eye-catching.  Hundreds of Awesome Designs - Durable & Waterproof - Choice of Matte or Glossy Finish - Non-Laminate for the Thinnest Wrap - Premium Vinyl & Materials - Custom / Signature Designs Available - The Best USA Based Customer Service

Gun Wraps - At PGW we design high-performance, premium vinyl wraps that you apply to your choice of firearm! We offer the highest definition images printed at high
resolution on an exclusive combination of materials specifically designed for durability, UV protection and easy cleaning.  Our wraps fit any size, shape or style handgun, shotgun, rifle or long gun.  They are USA made and include a 3-Year Warranty.

Coasters - Our graphic coasters are designed to be placed beneath a drinking glass to protect your table from stains and other marks or damage.  But they are also designed to express your attitude, mood or the theme of your room.  Our coasters are 4" square and constructed by hand in the USA using a thick, durable, matte base material and then adorned with an awesome, high-resolution graphic image.

• Kid's Magnetic Playmats - Coming Soon!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Playing Guitar is Beneficial for Mind & Body

In this fast paced world we live in, it's easy to get stressed out and overwhelmed. There are lots of ways to reduce your stress such as meditation, exercise, and talking things out. Listening to music is also a great way to release some stress and unwind, and playing music can be just as beneficial. Incorporating music into your daily life can reduce your stress through:

• Being Mindful - When you listen to or play music you concentrate on the music instead of the stress around you. It's a great way to block out negative energy and dwelling on or worrying about certain situations. 

• Physical - Listening to soothing music is a great way to practice and slow down your breathing. Dancing to upbeat music gives you a great physical workout. Playing music can be as active as you make it and is a great way to keep your body moving.

• Feeling Accomplished - When you learn a new song or master that tune you've been practicing for a while, playing music gives you a sense of accomplishment. When you accomplish something that's important to you it makes you feel fulfilled and proud.

• Socializing With Others - Connecting with other people through music is one of the best ways to meet new people an make new friends. Jamming out with other musicians helps to create bonds and encourages you to learn from and teach others.

These are some of the most convincing reasons why listening to and playing music is a great way to relieve some of the stress in your life. What's your favorite reason for playing music?

Monday, October 30, 2017

The Best Guitar Skin Design for Different Shaped Guitars

All guitarists want to have a beautiful instrument that is one of a kind, but some designs fit certain guitar body shapes better than others. Here are some of the most popular guitar shapes and the categories that may be best for them.


Les Paul

Flying V




Some guitar skins can go on basically any shape guitar. The designs in these categories are pretty universal and include most everything in our Classic category which can be found under POPULAR>CLASSIC, our Texture category which is on the main menu, our Skinshop category which can be found under POPULAR>SKINSHOP, and our Fractal category which can be found under ART>ABSTRACT>FRACTAL.

If you're not sure if a certain design will fit the shape of your body correctly you can contact us to see a mock up. With a photo of your guitar's body and the width and height we can create a mock up of what the design will look like on your specific guitar!

If you're not finding any designs on our website that you like we can create a custom design for you! All you have to do is contact us with what you're looking for.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

End of Summer Sale!

Visit,, or and use coupon code SEPTEMBER at checkout to get 20% OFF your order! Take advantage of our End of Summer Sale before it's too late!

*Some restrictions may apply. One time use only. May not be combined with any other coupon or discount. May not be used to purchase gift cards. Valid for 2017 only. Not valid on accessories or shipping & handling. RETURNS NOT ACCEPTED.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Customer Appreciation Posts!

This is an event that Skinny himself has done for the past few years, posting pictures of our customer's skinned guitars that they sent us after completing their masterpiece.

So sit back and enjoy customer images. Find your guitar...enjoy what others have accomplished with our Guitar Skins and let our friends know how AWESOME their guitars look. We begin from back in January 2007!

Here are some of our favorites!

An American Flag cool!

Customer Appreciation is such a fun thing for us. Seeing where we began and how far we have come.

Jenny Lynn Smith....WOW...what a HOTTIE! She was our first guitar model and still one of Skinny's favorites. Beautiful is is hard. get it :)

A little Alice Cat from Alice in Wonderland.'s an "in process" skinning.

One more...who can ignore our first Ted Nugent guitar skin and the pictures of him signing that same skin!!!! Uncle Ted is awesome.

Visit us at and have your own brush with fame :)